Supervisor Gaspar: “We Cannot Continue to Toggle Our Economy”


San Diego County Board of Supervisors

Contact: Itica Milanes 619-307-1793 itica.milanes@sdcounty.ca.gov


Supervisor Gaspar: “We Cannot Continue to Toggle Our Economy”

In March, it was “2 weeks to flatten the curve”, in April, we had the “Live Well: 30-Day Stay At Home Challenge”, May brought the “Month of Adaptation” and “if you leave your place, cover your face” campaign, in June, in collaboration with the Governor’s guidance and the Public Health Officer, we safely opened sectors of the economy. San Diegans have done a commendable job, which is one of the reasons we are the only Southern California County not currently on the Governor’s “Watch List”, but the virus rages and we will likely find ourselves there tomorrow and come Monday, see a pretty significant rollback in services like indoor dining. So, on Day 109 of this pandemic, I think it is time for a new strategy. We have made significant changes to the world around us, we have built capacity in our healthcare system, adapted to masks, and with some exceptions done everything that has been asked of us and the virus rages on. We need to protect the most vulnerable in our population, but we also cannot continue to “toggle” our economy. These do not and cannot continue to be mutually exclusive. We can no more turn our economy on and off, than we can turn this virus on and off. We need to figure out a way to live with both. THAT is the new normal.