Cultural Brokers Program

It’s not often you meet someone passionate enough about an issue that they attend a County Supervisors’ meeting to speak about it. But Rev. Shane Harris did. I sent him a note saying I’d love to visit the community program being moved against the wishes parents who desperately rely on its services.

Well, today I visited and heard so many heartfelt stories about how the Cultural Brokers Program has touched so many lives. Several of whom are former foster children who shared b...eautiful memories with me about the program’s volunteers who were there for them every step of their sometimes painful journey. Despite CBP receiving County funds through another organization, I had no idea CBP was being moved, creating quite a hardship for most. As an elected leader, I believe we must insist on accountability and ask more questions. It doesn’t matter that CBP isn’t in my district. This program is working and changing lives. And that’s all that matters to me