February 2020

                                    Need Tougher Stance Against Human Trafficking

Need Tougher Stance Against Human Trafficking
It’s hard to imagine San Diego is home to a vile human trafficking industry that rakes in nearly $1B in annual revenue and involves 12,000 victims and survivors in our own backyards. The average age of children being recruited is just 15 years old. If we don't come together across every level of government to address the challenges before us, our children will continue to be exploited every day. For my full remarks: CLICK HERE

                                               Commitment to Behavioral Health Services

Commitment to Behavioral Health Services
San Diego County and Tri-City Medical Center marked a major milestone in the effort to find real solutions to our region's behavioral health problems. We reached an agreement to build a facility that will provide psychiatric services in North County. But our work is not done. We must continue to build on the entire continuum of care, including prevention, early intervention, long-term care and recovery. And... let's share our stories so we can end the stigma around mental health. Watch my full remarks: CLICK HERE

                                               Striving For Family-Friendly Work Policy

Honoring Those Who Support Our Troops

The Board of Supervisors unanimously approved my proposal to study the feasibility of on-site childcare at County facilities and a comprehensive lactation policy for employees. Unfortunately, with a 3-2 vote, the Board opted not to move forward with eight weeks paid leave for new parents. The plan would have immediately implemented a paid parental leave policy for all County employees. Despite state law which allows for paid time off for disability and bonding, nearly 35% of our County workforce is not eligible, including all our Sheriff’s deputies. This creates an enormous financial burden on employees who want to have a family. No parent should have to choose between spending time with their newborn infant and going back to work to support their family. 

                                                    Mentoring Can Be Life-Changing

Mentoring Summit Home Run!

It just takes one person to change the course of a child's life. Edith Sanchez shared how her "Big Sister" from Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Diego County mentored her through high school and empowered her to go to college. Not an easy feat considering Edith got pregnant at 17. She persevered, got her degree and now serves as Recruitment Director at the organization she credits for changing her life, Big Brother Big Sisters of America.

These powerful stories were my motivation for recognizing BBBS with a County Proclamation during "National Mentoring Month". Sadly, there are 600 kids on the local waiting list and 70% of them are boys. Could you be the next person to change a child's life? Let's find out: sdbigs.org/volunteer

                                                  True Innovation at San Diego Blook Blank

Are You Ready for an Evacuation?

The San Diego Blood Bank is one of the most innovative organizations in Southern California. While its primary mission is to secure a steady supply of blood for San Diego County, it also provides blood and other services for hospitals in Orange, LA, and Imperial Counties. The bank works with more than 100 partners on research and clinical trials for a number of diseases including prostate cancer, melanoma, age-related disorders, diabetes and other blood cancers. The approach to saving lives today while pioneering cures for future generations is extraordinary. I feel fortunate to have the San Diego Blood Bank in our community and I am proud to have provided them with a grant to help purchase additional lifesaving bloodmobiles.