Newsletter August 2019

                                                New Resource for Nursing Mothers 

Expanding Mental Health Services

At the last Board of Supervisors’ meeting I asked County staff to develop a countywide lactation policy for employees and nursing mothers who do business at the County Administration Center. We will also identify rooms where nursing mothers can breastfeed their babies in a comfortable and private setting. The number of California  mothers who nurse their children is impressive - 87%. It’s even higher in San Diego - 96%.


Next Spring, San Diego will have its own human milk bank that will be a valuable resource for hospitals and mothers. Research shows that breast milk is crucial for sick and premature babies, dramatically reducing their chance of suffering from a devastating intestinal disease that could be deadly or require invasive surgery. Full-term babies also greatly benefit from human milk. Studies indicate they are less likely to die from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and are significantly healthier.  


Dr. Lisa Stellwagen, a UC San Diego Health Pediatrician, is the Executive Director of the new Mothers’ Milk Bank. She has worked tirelessly to raise funds for the new facility and to raise awareness of the link between a child’s health and being fed breast milk. I was so impressed with her vision and passion during my visit to the site that I committed $95,000 from my Neighborhood Reinvestment Program to the this important community service. And, in honor of August being Breastfeeding Awareness Month, I was thrilled to present Dr. Stellwagen with a County proclamation for her leadership to the creation of the San Diego Mothers' Milk Bank.

                                                   We Need To Pay Closer Attention

The SANDAG Sage Continues

Words matter. And we need to listen closely. After calling out SANDAG’s Executive Director for wanting to implement “congestion pricing” - charging San Diegans an extra fee for driving certain roads and highways during peak times - Hasan Ikhrata is now calling it “dynamic pricing” Please take a moment to watch my interview on KUSI News: CLICK HERE 

Also, please save the date… Friday, the 13th of September. No need to be superstitious of the date, it’s the SANDAG meeting where the Board of Directors will vote on how to spend the next five years of TransNet Major Corridors dollars. After months of persistence from my North County coalition and me, the Board recently agreed to follow through with its commitment to make improvements to the 67, 78 and the 52. But I still need your help by showing up to the meeting and voicing your support for these important highway projects. If you’re not able to make it to the meeting, I invite you to share your thoughts at StopTrackandTax.com. This is a crucial opportunity to make sure this is more than just a paper promise. We must hold SANDAG accountable and use our limited funds for exactly what the voters wanted.

                                                San Diego's Growing Epidemic 

Helping Rescue Sex Trafficking Vicitms

Alzheimer's is the 3rd leading cause of death in San Diego County. And scientists say damage to the brain begins about 10 years before symptoms start to appear. The mental and physical toll on loved ones can be devastating so the County created a "Support for Caregivers" program that covers half the cost of a fill-in caregiver. This link has details: CLICK HERE. I am proud to partner with County Supervisor Dianne Jacob on The Alzheimer's Project, which now has a comprehensive website: CLICK HERE

                                                    Fostering an Independent Spirit 

Helping our Transitioning Veterans

I wish I could do this every day! Del Mar Community Connections needed a vehicle to get their members to and from their center. Maintaining their independence and staying engaged is really important to them so it was my absolute pleasure being able to help them buy this van through a grant. One member won a naming contest with... “Sassy Chassis”.