Newsletter November 2017

A Heartfelt Thank You To Our Veterans!

"Land of the free, because of the brave." I want to wish all of you who have served our Country a heartfelt thank you for your service and sacrifice. I also want to thank your families for their sacrifice and support. Happy Veterans Day!

Ode to Our Founding Fathers

I tip my hat to our nation's Founding Fathers! It seems almost impossible that they could have imagined American society evolving to where it is today when they wrote the U.S. Constitution in 1787. Yet, their thoughts and precise words are still paramount and relevant 230 years later. I had a great conversation about it with students at Serra High School on Constitution Day when their teacher Kacey Caputo invited me to talk about government. Can you spot me in the middle picture?

Horsing Around is Therapeutic

Made some new friends at TERi Campus of Life.  The non-profit is based in the North County and serves kids as well as adults with autism and developmental disabilities. One of their unique therapeutic programs includes working with horses. I heard so many inspiring stories during my visit. The organization has been changing lives in our community for 38 years!  

Night at the Museum

What a beautiful night under the stars for the Women's Museum of California's Fall Benefit fundraiser. A warm thank you to the Museum's Board for naming me an Honorary Chair of the event. San Diego is very fortunate to have a museum dedicated to women and the incredible strides we've made through the years. It’s important to remember how far we’ve come, socially, politically, and personally. Seeing the displays first-hand in the museum really gives you a sense of some of the struggles women faced and how they overcame them.

Reading, Writing and Government

Best audience ever! These Creekside Elementary School 2nd graders are learning about government & invited me to their class. I read "Duck for President" & then answered some pretty "tough" questions like, "What's your cat's name?" "Do you love your job?" And my all-time favorite question, "How old are you?"

This Is What Paying It Forward Looks Like

This is what "Paying It Forward" looks like. 200 volunteers, who are all too familiar with losing everything in the 2003 & 2007 wildfires, sacrificed their Sunday to make these crates for victims of the Northern California wildfires. The labeled files will help them organize their paperwork as they try to reassemble their lives. The crates will be hand-delivered to Sonoma County. I am so proud to represent these selfless volunteers from the Scripps Ranch Civic Association and Out of the Ashes!

Scout Saves a Life

Sean Golding is just 13 & he's already a hero. This Boy Scout was surfing in Moonlight Beach when he noticed a 10 yr old girl not moving in the water. Sean carried her to shore & then raced over to the lifeguard for help. Turns out the girl had an epileptic seizure in the water! Sean says his training with the Boy Scouts of America kicked in allowing him to save the young girl's life. Way to go Sean!