Attend a Board Meeting

Do you have an issue you want to bring to the attention of the Board of Supervisors? Would you like to see how one of the best-run municipal governments conducts official business? Are you scheduled to participate in a meeting or be recognized by the Board of Supervisors? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions or if you simply want to attend a Board of Supervisors meeting, here is some additional information.


The Board of Supervisors is made up of five elected officials who act as the board of directors for the County. They have all powers and jurisdictions granted to them within the County Charter. At a Board Meeting, you will see the Chief Administrative Officer, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, County Counsel, as well as other staff who help make the meeting and County government run efficiently.


The purpose of Board Meetings are multifaceted and include recognizing outstanding community members with proclamations/certificates of appreciation, listening to members of the public, conducting administrative business, and having a healthy, open debate. Board Policy A-72 more fully outlines the purpose and scope of Board Meetings.


For over 75 years, the County Administration Center (CAC) has not only been an iconic landmark on San Diego’s waterfront, but it has also been the place where the County of San Diego conducts business. Located at 1600 Pacific Highway, Room 310, San Diego, CA 92101, the CAC North Chamber is where the Board of Supervisors currently meets. Members of the public who would like to attend a meeting, may park in the underground parking garage located on Ash Street (in between Pacific Highway and Harbor Drive) free of charge while doing County business.


Board Meetings are held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 9 AM. Click here for the full schedule.


In order to address the Board of Supervisors, you must fill out a speaker slip and turn it into the Clerk of the Board prior to the start of the meeting. If you’d like to address the Board concerning an item on the agenda, you should fill out either a green REQUEST TO SPEAK IN FAVOR form or a pink REQUEST TO SPEAK IN OPPOSITION form, depending on your position. If you’d like to address the Board concerning a non-agenda item, you should fill out a white PUBLIC COMMUNICATIONS REQUEST TO SPEAK form.