Supervisor Kristin Gaspar

Supervisor Kristin Gaspar represents the Third District. She is the youngest woman ever elected to the board. Prior to becoming a Supervisor, Kristin was an Encinitas City Council Member and went on to become the first elected Mayor in that city. She also served as President of the Encinitas Rotary Club.

Kristin attended Arizona State University where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism. She and her husband Paul, have three children and live in Encinitas. Kristin served as Chief Financial Officer of her family’s physical therapy practice. Together with her husband, they grew the business to seven offices with nearly 150 employees.

In her first year as Supervisor, Kristin introduced an innovative model that addresses prison recidivism, addiction and homelessness through workforce training and personal accountability. The intent is to get program participants off of public welfare services by becoming self-sufficient and productive members of society. The goal is to have the program operating in San Diego County within the next year.

Kristin also partnered with fellow Supervisor Dianne Jacob on the “Alzheimer’s Project” and again for the launch of the “Seniors in Crisis” initiative. Both increased funding for research and issues affecting caregivers. She was also instrumental in providing funding for new technology that will improve early detection of wildfires in areas of the County that are most prone to wildfires.

Kristin is the first elected official from San Diego County invited to meet with the President of the United States in a strategy session regarding local and state issues. That meeting was covered by media around the country.